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Sunday, April 14

Getting personal with Cik Epal, Yuyu Zulaikha & Anis Athia

Admittedly, bloggers kalau jumpa tak camwhore memang tak sah kn? huhu..bear with us readers!

Yup, Cik Epal was not in the pic but she was there together with three of us! hahaha..awat hang dah balik dek nun, tak sempat kami nak ajak gedik gedik sama kn~ ;D so, this was actually on the last Saturday when i was given a chance by dear Nuffnang to attend a sponsored event. yup, for the very first time!!

Oh, i was feeling soooo lucky since everyone of you knows that i'm not as famous as those names above. whilst, the nuffies still put trust in this infamous blog to attend and cover the event which will be update soon. Alhamdulillah on the rizk and i pray for more in the future amin... ;)

So, knowing these three bloggers in personal was awesome! undeniably that they are well-known as being featured in lot of media but still so friendly yet happening. thus, it was nice meeting you girls, si cantik manis  Anis Athia & si comel sesangat Yuyu Zulaikha. last but not least, again and again meeting the Cik Epal yang sentiasa ingat kat ahkak senior dia ni. hehe..a very nice of you dear! ^^

Hence, wait for the event's blogpost yarr...will be coming soon...



NinaAz said...

Sooo cute

Sizzling Suzai said...

hahaha kn..minah tgh tu mmg undeniable cute lah..kecik molek tol org die ;)


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