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Monday, April 29

Terima Kasih oleh IAMNEETA

Oh, hopefully korang ada idea on who is this local band that i will ramble about. hey, walaupun i giler KPOP tetapi Malaysian music is still my priority eh.. hehe..so, this is like the latest that captured my heart & soul. i know this band since their debut of the song entitled 'Tuhan Tolong Aku'. lagu ni pon sedap juga. ;)

Semenjak itu hatiku telah pun tertarik dengan genre muzik diorang ni, the indie concept, the simple and very easy-listening voice of si cute Neeta (vocalist) and obviously, their great great songs!

Now, they came back with another awesome track which named as mentioned. lagu ni lagi lah berjaya mencuri jiwa raga sampai share kat blog lah..hahaha. ntah, i xsure what is the exact reason but i do LOVE the song so much! it will not gonna boring you although you like replaying it for thousands times!

Malas cakap banyak, sila KLIK DI SINI untuk mendengar lagu 'Terima Kasih' by IAMNEETA.

yup, IAMNEETA is a great band, sure can do so much better in the future! so, mari ramai-ramai menyokong IAMNEETA band by following their updates although the three of them are busy with each other personal life but i really hope they keep on going producing great products for our local scene. FIGHTING!  :)




Syafiqah Hashim said...

pika pernah jumpa band iamneeta ni..dorang mmg friendly..lagu terima kasih ni kiranya single kedua dorang la..pika pun suka..weehee~~


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