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Saturday, July 4

In-Trend : The Cross Body Bag

Undeniably, this is one of my favourite bag. i always prefer to sling my handbag across the body during any casual day as it is constantly convenient and giving a nonchalant vibe to the whole look. should claim that the design is very much inspired by the Chanel Flap Bag in terms of the structured shape and the chain strap. never yet tired of dragging it everywhere although its quite small to accommodate my overloaded stuff. anyhow, I purchased this lovely via Zalora. noted that the purchased was made long time ago. so, i guess the same type is no more available but you can check on the others which is merely as cool as this.

1 Mochino | 2 Chloe | 3 Christian Louboutin | 4 Furla

Alluring enough? yup those high-end brands are my wishlist! they are all few thousands ringgit except that Furla which is more affordable yet still the price tags are beyond my coverage. huhu the valid reason would be i really need to do a saving within these few months as i am flying to one of my dream city on this coming November! yet at this moment it is far away from the target Waarghhhh! Oh c'mon Suzai, Play hard later, Work (save) hard now! adios


Friday, July 3

Another Indonesian Famous Designer collaboration will be available on FashionValet

exquisite embroidery that stands out when pairing with any simple bottom. Oh oh i want this!

Who is Biyan?

Born as Biyan Wanaatmadja in Surabaya, Biyan spent his formative years at Muller & Sohn Privatmodeschule in Dusseldorf, Germany and The London College of Fashion in London, England, where he graduated as a Fashion Designer. After living in Europe for more than 15 years, his family asked for his return to Indonesia to start work on his own private label.

Studio 133 Biyan X FashionValet ?

Studio 133 Biyan, is the ready-to-wear line, with a more affordable price tag. His collections are described as romantic, classic and sophisticated, and his taut tailoring and hyper-romanticism are signatures to his brand. The refined quality in his craftsmanship of beautiful embroidery, intricate beading techniques and original silk prints are what make his clothes unique, special and highly sought after.


Studio 133 Biyan will be available on 8th of July 2015 at


Wednesday, July 1

KL Tower Ramadhan Buffet Review

akak tu tengah serius menyenduk Lauk Ikan Patin yang super sedap! haha my fav tau and sebelah tu Kari Kepala Ikan kauw

Salam Ramadhan :)

Looking for the best Ramadhan Buffet in KL?? first of all, sorry as i will  'rojak' this blogpost yar hehe OK baru-baru ini saya berkesempatan mencuba hidangan yang super memuaskan di KL Tower Mega View Banquet Hall, Menara Kuala Lumpur. Juadah bertemakan 'kampung cuisine' disediakan oleh Restoran Rebung yang semua pun tahu milik seorang chef terkenal, Chef Ismail. jom terliur tengok some juadah yang disediakan and please expect ALL TRADITIONAL MALAY dishes yer =)

i am not a fan of Nasi Kerabu but this Nasi ulam is just nice. 4/5
Siput sedut masak lemak cili api my fav! kuah memang pekat, siput tak berapa nak fresh but stil i'd rank this as 4/5 
kuah lauk-lauk kat sini semua pekat-pekat, mantap! daging pon lembut 5/5
omg sangat klasik, telur itik masak lemak kot. mana nak dapat kat buffet lain? 5/5
kerabu galore LOL
again, my fav kerabu mangga! 4/5
banyak sgt choice, stall laksa and mee hoon sup pon ada. saya tak mampu nak rasa ni dah! lol
kueh teow and mee goreng pon ada jugak!
weihh DODOL  pon ada ok. super impressive! 5/5
pelbagai kuih-kuih traditional. sampai tak termakan semuanya

and here is my all-time fav, kuih sarang semut! memang sedap betol tak tipu! hehe 5/5

Tauhu sumbat pon sodap. tauhu 'gemok' isi 'gemok' tak lembik and garing 5/5
rojak pon ada, tak rasa jugak dah full!
harr cendol my fav! tapi santan dia pecah lah so this one is 3/5

Banyak kan pilihan juadah untuk buffet ni? seriously, saya kagum dan lebih-lebih lagi rasanya semua enak-enak belaka. bukan takat-takat 'janji ada je' tau. sangat berbaloi dengan harga yang ditawarkan! well, saya sangat tertarik dengan susunan table dan stall makanan-makanan di atas kerana semuanya diletakan di tempat yang berasingan. Err how to say it? but its like when you go around this restaurant, you will keep on bumping onto a table of foods. thus, less traffic because people will not focusing into one place at certain time. takde nak beratur panjang-panjang or berebut-rebut ke. har gituh!

Normal Price 
Adult / Dewasa is RM99++ 
Children / Kanak-kanak is RM59++.

Ramadhan buffet ini akan berlansung sehingga 12nd July 2015. so, cepat-cepat call 03-2020  5444 untuk rsvp sebab saya percaya permintaan memang tinggi untuk setiap hari sepanjang Ramadhan ini. Oh ada offer, kalau beli untuk 10 pax (dewasa) akan dapat 1 pax for FREE. cepat kumpul semua sedara-mara jiran-tetangga or ajak je officemates. hehe  Oh another crucial gist, SURAU ada disediakan dekat je. senang..insyAllah  =)

admiring the whole KL while dining was such a blast!
ada 'kugiran' gitu yang akan menghiburkan anda sambil-sambil menikmati iftar. hehe ayat!
me with my BEAUTIFUL mom and i look like 'giant' LOL
with my blogger buddies, the best foodies in town. it was always nice meeting you guys! tq kak Ela for the invite yar :)

For more info


Tuesday, June 30

Jovian Mandagie for ZALORA, The Art Deco Distinctive Collection

the proud designer with his artistic execution
statement pieces; an array of Art Deco intriguing inspiration by Jovian Mandagie
loving this colour!
OK i fancy this Adina Dress (RM480). the veil at the back and the hue are just so exclusive.
and this Afria Dress (RM500) is my next pick!
peplum still forever IN !

07.06.15 | Damansara Performing  Arts Centre (DPAC Theater)

With a new spin that channels the late-twenties feel and bold architectural graphics, the collection of Jovian Mandagie for ZALORA 2015 has been steered into every detail and component of an Art Deco era that is treated in an artful, literal, and streamlined interpretation of a Ready-To-Wear collection. There is a dominant chapter of earthy and rich color schemes that gives a dandified lift to each look, distancing them from any previous collection. Dripping beads and geometric lines across the silhouettes of Baju Kurung Pahang, Baju Kurung Kedah, A-Line, Mermaid Cut and the label’s signature Peplum shape have made an infinite impact of sophistication to the array.

Jovian Mandagie for ZALORA brings a more intriguing and elongated string of edginess from the decades of old to the current market with statement pieces that are created using polyester crepe, a mixture of satin, sequin and hints of lace that can be seen beautifully curled over the sleeves. Strong paneling and piping finishes are persistently enhanced as well.

“I am in love with the collection as it enlivens who I really am. It gives the feel of a true fashionista and suits any kind of woman with its luxurious and exotic touch. All the best to Jovian!” Added Luna Maya as a Muse to Jovian Mandagie for Zalora 2015 Collection who is also help them to embody the collection.

Avaialble at


Saturday, June 27

Look #188 - The City Turns Darker (Teaser for My Rizalman For Zalora)

Satin Scarf from WOJ / Forever21 Sweater / Skirt from RizalmanForZalora / Samsung Gear

I secretly found an excuse to don my 'Baju Raya' just before the real Hari Raya LOL as being described above, that skirt is actually my Ebru Baju Kurung from Rizalman For Zalora 2015 Collection which comes with the similar printed top. Oh, i love the prints so freaking much and besides the fact that it makes me look slander and slimmer! i promise you will literally dying when i post the whole look very soon!

Additionally, this Ebru Baju Kurung comes with 3 hues; Black & White, Pink and Electric Blue which i failed to get it because it was already sold out on the very first day of launching. haha sorry to let you know that the last time i checked, there is no more Ebru Baju Kurung available on the page. all colours are sold out! thaank gaadddd i was a bit faster and i am very very much glad spending on RM297 for this purchase :)

Photographed by AriefHalim and Edited by SizzlingSuzai



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