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Friday, January 30

Alcatel Onetouch Flash, World's Best #Selfie Smartphones


A French brand smartphone that is the top 10 best selling smartphone brand in 2013 along side Samsung, Lenovo and many more. Highly penetrated in Europe and US market with high quality handsets. Been working with reputable brand such as Orange and Vodafone. (wiki)

Launched the campaign #BEaFlasher to embrace the culture of expressing their individuality through selfies.haha here is mine! :)

"Dare to dream as here i am flashing myself treasuring my DREAM becomes a REALITY" Alhamdulillah #BEaFlasher

This selfie is definitely one of the precious moment in my life as being in Paris was always my dream and it still feels like a dream now! :') 


Recently launched in Malaysia, 9th December 2014 and now is available for sales since 12th December 2014. specially invented for the #selfie freak as the front camera is 5MP !! with 13MP Full HD Back Camera. Features for Front Camera - beauty enhancer mode without the need for 3rd party apps. hahaha no joking! more features inclusive

Available in two colours: Crystal White

Available in two colours: Gun Grey

Well they also collaborate with HYDRASKINS ( facebook.com/hydraskins ) which creating a fashionable look for Alcatel Onetouch Flash. Check this cool VID defining the FLASH in animation style. hahaha very cool, watch it!

Check the animation vid below or the official page alcatelonetouchflash

Available nationwide. No need to wait to purchase. check out Alcatel Onetouch’s Facebook Page as well at facebook/ALCATELONETOUCHmalaysia to keep with their future product updates.


My Scalp Treatment at The Number76

Salam and Hey very sorry for the silent as i was just too busy with my personal stuff on these few days. back at home at late hour and ended up i got no mood to blog. huhu

Anyhow, i comeback with a beauty slash healthy sharing in here. yup, i was invited by the Number76 salon to try out one of their offered treatment, The Scalp Treatment. obviously, i am wearing the hijab for atleast 10 hours per day. so, based on my appearance / lifestyle as a Hijabi girl, they recommended me to get the Scalp Treatment instead of others. *super excited*

Honestly, i've never yet experience any special hair treatments since my purpose of going to the salon is just for the sake of getting a new haircut. haha should also claim that it is always happened once per year LOL so, i was again *super excited*

I am so glad that they are really concern on their customer's needs. obviously, i am a Muslim girl who definitely prohibited to show my hair / aurah to the non-mahram (not a family member to be A BIT clearer!) so, they prepared a private room just for me to solved which is so overwhelming. thanks Sue and thanks guys (Number76)!  :')

courtesy of here

Now, the treatment started with analyzing my current scalp condition by using a microscope. yup it was my first time looking at it and i was initially confident that it won't look so bad as i was just shampooing my hair on the night before but ........ errrr it was SERIOUSLY GROSS!! (please see image on the left and fyi, mine was even more more worst!!)

The scalp is very oily and all the roots were filled up with dandruff that until blocking the hole. the baddest thing about it is when the roots are being blocked, hair couldn't grow and basically, we need 3 hairs in one hole. sadly, i could see that lot of the holes left only 2 or 1 hair (they could never grown another hair anymore lorh!) which meant in the long time, i'd definitely can become bold....!!

After the scanning done, Jen started to wash my hair before applying a Kerastase Serum in between the hair. it was then being left for few minutes before she again washed the hair and applying a Scalp Tonic. Then, re-scanning the result via microscope to see the difference. Assuredly, it is now clean, no oily look anymore (which finally can see my scalp a.k.a the skin) LOL and also a clear hole at the roots. she claim that this time would be the BEST TIME to apply any hair tonic or hair serum as those roots could absorb the ingredients very very well!

Roughly the pricing figure for your reference.

Oh fyi, cutting hair is RM76 (wash blow cut!)
other location. mine was at the Bangsar 1 branch.

More info, please proceed with Number76 i'd like to thank Sue and many thanks to Number76 . i am now aim to wash my hair everyday instead of once in a 2 days LOL Adios!


Monday, January 26

CHINESE NEW YEAR With HM X Celebrity Couple Zhou Xun and Archie Kao

A mix of feminine elegance and urban city looks are the key influences for H&M’s Chinese New Year 2015 collection. Featuring oversized silhouettes and flirty dresses in shades of red, this collection is perfect for celebrating the Spring Festival with your loved ones. Celebrity couple Zhou Xun and Archie Kao are the stars of the campaign dressed in their favourite festive looks. 

This collection features key pieces like playsuits, flared skirts and slouchy sweaters to create a relaxed yet stylish look. Sequins and lace add a touch of glamour and red accessories like peep-toe booties and clutches are perfect festive accents to any outfit. For the women’s collection, prices start from RM14.90 for a bracelet. For the men’s collection, prices start from RM49.90 for a tie.

Specially commissioned by H&M, renowned Swedish illustrator, Beata Boucht, will be adding a floral touch to all H&M stores with her blossom illustrations inspired by the Lunar New Year. Beata’s playful floral illustrations will be featured on shopping bags, canvas totes and most importantly, red envelopes for the Spring Festival. Starting from 29 January, customers will receive these exclusive H&M red packets, with any purchase. On top of that, H&M tote will be given to the shopper who purchase RM150 above (whilst stock last, of course!)

The collection will be exclusively available in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia on 29 January 2015I am definitely want that RED scarf!!!! period.


Sunday, January 25

Russel Peters World Tour 2015 - Who The Freak Is Him?

He is a famous stand up comedy which is absolutely hilarious! Goshhhhh i keep on thinking of this..well, who doesn't have any idea bout this witty man, please 'google' his name in the YouTube. Russel Peters is just tooo amazingly Awesome!

yup imma FAN !!! 


Thursday, January 22

Look #169 - Mom, Can I Have A Pineapple?

Topshop Crop Sweater / GUESS Jeans / F21 Inner / HM Boots / Ted Baker London Bag 

Salam Jumu'ah and Hey Fashion Lover! :)

I've been lodging on the London story yet i haven't wrapping it up nicely. thats mean the story has not ending yet, more to come and also to be expected. hey even the Paris's Eiffel Towers is not showing up on this page yet lorh. sorry i am trying my best to juggling between the REAL-Normal works (LOL), blogging and huhu my own laziness!

Now, this look was taken on just 2 days ago when i attended an arts event. click HERE for the blogpost. yup admittedly, i do concern on the event's nature when deciding on what to wear, what colour to choose and etc etc. haha that repeatedly worn crop sweater comes with a pineapple embossed on top of it is just too fit for such occasion. SENI sgt kononnya lol hahaha

Yeahh this weekend is so much anticipating as i will spend a night in Penang. the main reason is another blogger buddy, Kak Asyik is getting married and besides, we just wanna have fun doing the JJCM. yeeahh can't wait! pray for our safety and thanks for reading btw :)

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