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Saturday, March 19

my extreme journey at the SKYTREX, Bukit Cerakah (part 2)

skytrex,extreme game
dedicated this pose on the rope at the height of 12meters to alief si muncung manis! hehehe ("^.^)

hey there, lets continue the exciting journey of us at the SKYTREX Adventure, Bukit Cerakah. this is the second part which you can read all the info of this extreme game on the 1st part by CLICKING HERE erk ("^^)

skytrex,extreme game

as this SKYTREX Adventure was constructed by paying great respect to the environment and trying to make you as close as to the nature of the environment, the scenery around here is breath-taking and the original Malaysian Tropical Rain Forest is kept safely.  

skytrex,extreme game

this is when you have to balance yourself while swinging on those pipes. yet it scary but so much of FUN!! ^^

skytrex,extreme game

now, this one will make you think that..."Oh, i guess im qualify enough to work with the Royal London Circus comp LOL~ " usual it is not as scary as it look, yup it is full of enjoyment! during this 2 hours here, the height is not the thing that matter you anymore...huhuhu...

skytrex,extreme game

skytrex,extreme game

Now, for those who scared of HIGH, im HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you guys to go and experience this thing since you have to be on the 'sky' with the assumption of height as 10 floors for about 3 hours!! No, im not jocking, guys if you want to counter your fear, you have to bravely deal with it...right? ("^____^)

skytrex,extreme game

skytrex,extreme game

skytrex,extreme game

by the end of the journey, the obstacles are became easier and less challenging. it seems like they want us to finish our journey faster, so that we can go and have breakfast at 3.30 pm! ("~____~)

skytrex,extreme game
me and my gurls who look like a construction workers already mehh~...hahahahhaha

lastly, guys THANKS FOR READING both parts..hahaha sorry for separating it. as usual, it is due to the heavy loading prob if im not separating those. (>.<) i guess i should clearly and loudly say that, GUYS, THIS IS WORTH OF TRYING. SO, GO AND CHALLENGE YOURSELF BCOZ IT IS EXTREMELY FUN!!! ^^ seriusly...~



♥♥P.i.n.K.y MoMMa♥♥ said...

adik suzai nape kamu nmpk kurusssss! wahhhh jelesnya!
siyesss nih..
erm btw..i x kan naik benda2 tu smua huhu takuttttt...gayat okeh =)

SizZLing SuZai said...

hehehhe tq akk pinky "^^ i mmg dlm process diet ni tau! hahahah tp terlanggar juger kdg2..gaga

huhu rugi tau xtry..mmg best gler! ala die ade level y rendah sket akk try la y tuh..! >.<

aLieF si Muncung ManiS said...

suzai mmg extreme....lepas ni daki gunung pulak..huhu

sy ske hujan said...

cik jujai..guwe jd model dr blakang ke..haha..mmg pegi skali xmoe g lagi dh..haha

SizZLing SuZai said...

alief...i mmg ske la pnjt gng..hehe p tgk kat my category of HIKING no~ "^^

SizZLing SuZai said...

haha cian cik salmi jd model i..tq erk~ haha best pe sal xnk g lg plak >__<


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